The Compass and Nail Podcast Series

In the series of podcasts below we explore loyalty with entrepreneurs, marketers, and folks thinking out of the box with the quest to net out valuable lessons from a variety of schools of experience.

Guest: Craig Wilson, Author of The Compass and the Nail

Matt Levinthal and Craig Wilson explore the idea of "latent demand for good" and how companies can benefit from taking a fresh look at how customers perceive and respond to marketing sustainability. 

Guest: Brant Cooper, Author of The Lean Entrepreneur

Authors Brant Cooper and Craig Wilson share their thoughts with host Matt Levinthal on evolving and developing organizations to serve customers, design better service environments, and disrupt markets. 

Guest: Jeff Denby, Co-Founder Pact Underwear

Matt Levinthal and Author Craig Wilson discuss the trials and tribulations of creating sustainable customer engagement in a start up environment with Jeff Denby, co-founder of the organic, sustainable underwear manufacturer, Pact Underwear. 

Guest: Pam Levine, VP of Sales Manduka

Matt Levinthal and Author Craig Wilson discuss tactics integrating marketing in an emerging omni-channel environment with Pam Levine, VP of Sales with leading yoga products company, Manduka. 

Guest: Tim Rhone, Co-owner of The MOB Shop

Matt Levinthal and Author Craig Wilson discuss leveraging values-based marketing in a small business setting with Tim Rhone, owner of The MOB Shop, an environmentally conscious cycling shop. 


Upcoming Podcasts

Guest: Rich Hill, former VP of Sales at Patagonia and at prAna, and founder of Ticla, a small, inspired modern camping company. Rich shares his experiences organizing, growing and starting businesses.

Guest: Noah Waterhouse, VP of Marketing at Stio, a direct only apparel startup serving customers living authentic mountain lifestyles. Noah dives into lessons learned building a brand from scratch in a crowded market.