Brand Ecosystem Training: Learn the most effective way to create brand advocates and scale your organization.

The world’s best brands transform their customers into passionate brand advocates. How do they do it? How do companies create such strong affection for their brands that their customers are compelled to become active brand champions?

Does the phenomenon happen on its own?

Is there a secret to help it along? 

To learn the strategies and tactics that turn average customers into brand Cheerleaders, and to learn how to implement these methods yourself within your company we have created the following workshops.

This is tedious and targeted work. You do it well and you make us think. These tools are more valuable than I can describe to help us craft messaging that is clear, concise and creative.
— Carolyn Magner, Editor, CanSurround  

Introductory Starter Workshop

A full-day workshop on The Brand Ecosystem Model, presented in five modules.

The Brand Ecosystem Model identifies why a potential customer will reach a state of advocacy, and it measures the rate and efficacy of that progression making it the one and only true CRM methodology. It predicts loyalty. It is as complete a definition as there has ever been. The model defines loyalty in scientific terms, making why loyalty happens measurable, observable, and repeatable. It’s a definition that's been proven over ten years to be a universal truth. It is today the most pragmatic measurement of the holistic health of advocacy creation, and ultimately brand value, in the industry. In this full-day workshop you will learn how to leverage the tools in this model to deliberately drive rabid fandom.



Compass and Nail is an extraordinary way of thinking. I was sold on it immediately. This is enlightenment for businesses to get a better understanding of what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, and who they’re doing it for. Consider me a ‘Cheerleader.’
— Christopher Tonry, Creative Director Breakaway Matcha

Architecting Loyalty—An Advanced DIY Workshop

Once your team has graduated from the Introductory Starter Workshop and have a grasp of "The Brand Ecosystem Model, it's time to learn the cognitive secrets of your customers and craft your unique model.

This workshop will transform your company’s ability to acquire, progress, and retain customers in a deliberate and measurable way. Warning: there is homework prior and post your day spent with us. Typically 4-6 weeks are required between the Introductory Starter Workshop and the Advanced DIY Workshop. The weeks between events will be spent conducting the required (yet relatively simple) consumer research so you can architect your customer’s experience from their first introduction to your brand to becoming long-term sustainable customers. The goal is to maximize customer acquisition in a low risk system by utilizing the tools in The Brand Ecosystem Model, converting first time buyers into advocates. This is the foundation upon which your brand will scale. Over the course of this one day immersive workshop we will employ the concept of Service Design in concert with The Brand Ecosystem Model to craft the actual experiences and messages the consumer will have as they progress from Prospect to Cheerleader (long-term buyer).


See more of what workshop attendees are saying.

We finished the year strong and have been implementing as much of the [workshop] stuff as possible. We’ve been seeing our repurchase rates increase a lot lately—probably a result of both expanded product collections as well as these new branding initiatives. It was a great exercise and a great reminder for us when decisions surface for photoshoots, social media posts, email blasts, etc.
— Evan Mendelsohn, Founder, Tipsy Elves  
Presenting methods, models, and rich examples from the consumer products, services, and not-for-profit sectors, Craig unravels the mysteries of loyalty in a thoughtful and richly illustrated manner. Despite having officially founded Alps & Meters 2 years ago, as a new brand aiming to properly convey our belief in simple, timeless, alpine traditions, Craig’s book has proven a smart and thought-provoking guide that has helped me maintain a focus on what is most important about our brand and company; our love of tradition and deep passion for alpine sport. Building a brand with integrity, a sturdy core purpose, and staying true to our long-lasting values is a foundational concept of The Compass and the Nail. All founders, creative directors, and brand architects, will find this a pleasant and knowledge-packed read.
— Louis Joseph, Founder Alps & Meters
Working with Tank and Craig Wilson, on both the fundamental brand positioning and creative execution was key in our brand launch. Going through their process allowed us to identify what is most important to ‘sweet spot’ Stio customers and execute on creative touch points that establish the right kind of connections. The process, deliverables and resulting creative have been essential tools for our launch.
— Noah Waterhouse, VP Marketing, Stio
We’ve already seen so much value from the workshops and look forward to working together going forward.
— Vicky Keller, Co-Founder, Keller Crafted Meats
I believe in the process. I want Keller Crafted Meats to be a huge success story using this approach and your coaching.
— Mark Keller, Co-Founder, Keller Crafted Meats